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Health and safety

Whether it’s changing a light bulb or installing a new business critical asset there is an associated health and safety risk. At Hamble Heating Services we’ve identified the risks involved in the 55,000 tasks we complete every year and train our engineers to protect their own and others’ safety.

  • Everyone in our business has a responsibility for health and safety, whether they are an engineer working on site or a manager ensuring the best practices of their team.

  • We strive to go further than compliance standards by reporting near misses, learning from experiences and sharing knowledge across the business. Transparency is actively encouraged and supported with regular health and safety meetings for all our engineers.

  • We put nothing before health and safety and ensure our engineers are fully supported with high levels of technical support and clear health and safety procedures.

  • Before every piece of repair work, installation and project we complete full assessments to identify hazards and mitigate risks.

  • We are a registered contractor on the Safety Scheme in Procurement which gives our customers detailed information on our safety performance and ratings. We score excellently.